Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cartoons & Drawings by Jim Jennewein

Presenting "The Mr. Jim Hollywood Cluster F**k Diagram".... which depicts the many circuitous routes an idea must often travel -- the mad gauntlet of human obstacles it must successfully hurdle -- before it can become an actual studio-produced motion picture... funny because it's true... CLICK TO ENLARGE...

Two recent cartoons submitted to a New Yorker magazine contest:


"I bare my soul to you and all you can say is 'Nice bag, Elmer?'"

"Doris, you really know how to bring me out of my shell."

"You look nice in that dress."

"And this is Harry Junior... our little angel."

"We tenured professors find Dr. Carmichael obfuscatory, abstruse and
wholly unfathomable. But students say he's just hard to understand."

An invitation I drew for a 1983 St. Patrick's Day bacchanal.

The many moods of Mr. Jim.

Man With Handlebar Moustache

"I'm tired of bird seed. Got any sushi?"

Now let's go roll some drunks."

Photobooth self-portrait, 1976

"These days, everyone's downsizing."

Drawn circa 1984 in the early days of eco-consciousness.
(Co-conceived by Rich Siegel)

"Sir, your subtext is showing."

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